How to add space to a Tablespace in oracle?

STEP 1: Identify the current Tablespace usage. SQL> set lines 250 SELECT a.tablespace_name, ROUND(a.totsize/1024/1024,0) “Tot Size (MB)”, ROUND(NVL(b.used,0)/1024/1024,0) “Used (MB)”, … more →

What is a Checkpoint ?

A checkpoint is the act of flushing modified, cached database blocks from SGA Buffer Cache to disk (DB Datafiles) using … more →

What is Oracle SCN?

System Change Number (SCN)? The SCN is a stamp that defines a committed version of a database at a point … more →

Oracle invalid objects in the schema

Operations such as upgrades, patches or DDL changes can invalidate schema objects. These invalid objects can be manually recompiled to … more →

What is Spfile and pfile ? How to create spfile from pfile and vice-versa?

  Spfile refers to Server Parameter file(spfile$ORACLE_SID.ora). Server parameter files are binary files that exist only on the server and … more →


Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c !! Whats new ?

Oracle just announced the release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c with * Superior Enterprise-Grade Management * Integrated Cloud Stack Management … more →


What is RMAN ?

RMAN (Recovery Manager) is a Oracle Utility used as a backup and recovery manager for Oracle databases (from Oracle┬árelease 8.0). … more →


What is Redo?

What is Redo Log? Redo log consists of two or more preallocated files that store all changes made to the … more →


What is Backup and its types ?

What is Backup ? A backup is a copy of data from your database that can be used to reconstruct … more →