Cron & Crontab

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Oracle Database Software Version

Tweet Being the largest RDBMS provider, Oracle periodically produces new releases. Not all customers initially subscribe to a new release … more →


Oracle Database Patching

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Data Warehouse (DW) / Data Mining (DM) / OLAP / OLTP

Tweet Data Warehouse Data Warehouse (DW) is a central repository of integrated / structured data from one or more external … more →


What is Exachk ?

Tweet What is Exachk ? Exachk is a tool designed to audit important configuration settings in an Oracle Exadata Machine. … more →


AWR vs ADDM vs ASH (Oracle Database Performance Diagnostics)

Tweet What is Automatic Workload Repository ? Automatic Workload Repository collects , processes and maintains performance statistics used for problem … more →

Server Control Utility (SRVCTL)

Tweet SRVCTL commands can be used to add, remove, start, stop, modify, enable, and disable a number of entities, such … more →


What is Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) ?

Tweet Cluster is a group of servers and other resources that act like a single system and enable high availability … more →